Fake followers, anyone?


Don’t we usually see successful businesses, celebrities, early risers to Twitter all with thousands of followers? Didn’t for a minute sighed that they must be doing something right which we are not aware of? How many start up businesses and individuals do you know that reached or exceeded the magic number 10,000 in an unbelievably short Continue reading


Getting noticed!


I’ve been spending a lot of time lately going through blogs and articles on blogs after I enrolled for the class. Just Google Social Media with a combination of words like how to, marketing, business, reach, promoting etc.and you have a multitude of resources to help you increase traffic to your blog, how to make it more appealing, how to design content that strongly draws people, 10 tips to go viral online, 5 tips to make them like/follow your blog… Continue reading

With great social media power comes great responsibility



I have always been a big believer of watching every word I type before I press “Enter”. This article from the “Lifestyles” section of “Chicago Tribune”, discusses the pros and cons of taking your grudges out into the social space. Though the writer’s context is a restaurant tiff, I think we could all use the message that most conflicts are best resolved face-to-face, not the other person’s face to the world, way.

What do you think? Is it okay to fight it out online if you are offended by an employee at a restaurant/movie theater/some other public place?

Broken Wing

We have all these days to commemorate love, friendship, mother, father, teacher, doctors, grandfathers, boss, secretary, janitors, first and last days of seasons, BBQ, vegetarians, vegans, tall people, short people, thin people, fat people, cats, dogs, wild animals, apple, orange days and many more that I have missed.  Maybe, once a month, every month, we should have a day for tolerance and concern. We need a day to honor man’s innate need for acceptance, longing for recognition, appreciation not driven by corporate greed for money but out of sheer respect for the identity of every human being. No expensive gifts, shopping lists, fresh flowers, special cards, run out times involved here, just a pat on the back. Just acceptance, tolerance and concern for the fellow human being! Maybe we should all forget just for one day, about our race, nationality, language, ego, unfriendly smiles, judgments and make it a point to tell every person that we come across how we appreciate his/her existence, though we don’t know them. Maybe that will slowly build a sense of security belongingness among our kids towards the society that no gun ownership ever will.
Dear kids and staff of Sandy Hook Elementary, Newtown, CT, maybe we could have saved you if a lost soul’s cry for help was heard much before he lashed out at you- trusting, helpless angels. Maybe we could have saved you if we had mandatory gun safety training for owners that includes teaching kids to respect the weapon and to strictly stay away from it, before any weapon was ever registered. Maybe!May God give your families strength, hope and courage to get by without you.

May you all Rest in Peace!

When I grow up…

This morning at about 7.00, I almost pulled out ten pans from the cabinet to find that tiny omelet pan which the commercial swore would make my mornings easy; my husband almost pushed my son into the shower and I almost shoved the milk cup into my daughter’s little mouth – in other words, it was a regular school day morning! My daughter seemed lost in thought and suddenly asked, Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year, I am thankful for:
1.    My great husband, lovely kids, supportive family and wonderful friends.
2.    Our brand new car. We’d been searching and researching for that perfect one. It took almost as much time, resources, determination, abilities, hope and willingness to walk that extra mile that took us in finding each other, 11 and a half years ago. Continue reading