It’s a nice world out there!

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As a mom, I worry about the big bad world my kids will be stepping into when they grow up. We hear about people with twisted minds that walk into schools, prayer houses, malls, homes, movie theaters and take down innocent lives. And then, there are everyday struggles like fitting in at school, being accepted by peers and the big ol’ bullying – at school and online. Once in a while, somebody waging a lone war turns around and seeks help from the world. The whole world comes to the rescue. How warm is that!

This news story is about a seventh grader who was badly bullied in school and posted a message on Instagram saying he wants to commit suicide right on his 13th birthday. His mother launched a Facebook page requesting a few friendly letters from strangers. The whole world responded with love.

Such stories deserve a big shout out. I came across this article on Yahoo! and felt compelled to share it. After all, we are what makes the world. Obviously, people out there hear a cry for help, take a pause from their busy lives to grip a stranger’s arm in support, send a thoughtful message, give a reassuring pat on the back, raise a toast to the victorious wounded soldier, give a moment of total attention. I think basically human beings are wired to connect. That’s what we do in times of crisis. I just hope, it doesn’t take only a crisis to brings us together as a human race. Nevertheless, we are really cool most of the time. And did I mention social media had a huge role in showcasing the empathy in the above story?

Do you have a moment recently where a stranger had been nice or kind to you? If so, share it and let’s spread some cheer 🙂


2 thoughts on “It’s a nice world out there!

  1. Great post! You’re right, human beings are wired to connect. A small gesture or act of kindness from someone can turn even a bad day into a good one.

  2. So true. I have noticed many times that a random act of kindness from a stranger usually has a ripple effect. People pay it forward by being nice to strangers in turn and everyone around you is smiling. Good to watch 🙂

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