Changing my blog title

changeHello everyone,

I am changing the name of this blog to “My Thoughts and Keystrokes”. Here’s how this happened:

History: I started a personal blog in blogspot somewhere in the end of November 2012 and published a few posts. It is called my thoughts and keystrokes@ In January, SM Tools course has started and as you all know, we were required to start a wordpress blog.

So? Since I am promoting my own blog on my Facebook page, I’d like to integrate both my blogs for ease in keeping track of posts, members and comments. I’m also hoping this keeps the Facebook page – blog connection much simpler.

How about followers/members?: I am only changing the name of this blog to “my thoughts and keystrokes” instead of “Lakshmi Writes”. However, I’m not changing the URL to this blog. It will still be So those of you following me or have your blogs linked back to me don’t have to update my blog title. This change only affects my blog name, not the URL.

How is this blog going to be? I have just imported the posts from my other blog and filed them under different categories. This blog’s scope will now be broader, not just social media.

Hope to see your continued support.

Thank you,



One thought on “Changing my blog title

  1. Hello from America! This is a terrific post and I loved studying it

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