Of Grammys and Twitter

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I watched Grammys after the first half hour. Since I host some of the events the Indian Association of my part of India organizes annually, I pay close attention to the hosts of any show- on TV or on stage. I thought LL Cool J did a great job of presenting one of the most watched shows of the year. In a charming white jacket, cool composure, smooth flow of perfectly drafted speech he kept it very entertaining yet very professional. His body-language  radiated confidence and focus on making sure the audience are having a great time until…the Twitter plug came on. And then it went on and on and on…..zzzz

For a while Cool J seemed so lost in reading out all the tweets, handles and tweeting about the show himself that for a while I wondered if I tuned into Twitter awards for best tweets instead of Grammys. It’s probably some business deal between Grammy Academy and Twitter, but so much Twitter, really? Then for a while, whenever he appeared on screen, it was Twitter, “Check out Twitter, Melissa said, John said, you say, musicians backstage tweeted…” I remember thinking that he looked like a ‘tween’ who just got mom’s permission to access social pages 🙂 All that excitement in reading and sending tweets!

Maybe I was overthinking. Maybe Grammys, that bring together all the popular music genres of the country, that honor outstanding contribution to great music anywhere in the world, are trying to bring music closer to everyday lives of the people and are convinced that the Twitter handles are a surefire way to achieve that. Maybe they believe, Twitter gives us all a turn at taking that virtual corner seat at Kodak Theater with a smartphone and correct hashtag and be a cyber-part of a hugely popular, opulent, star studded event where new stars are crowned, accomplishments are celebrated and legends are immortalized. Maybe it’s all about celebrating music and tweeting the world while doing it.

Raise your hand if you tweeted while watching Grammys. I did! 🙂


One thought on “Of Grammys and Twitter

  1. I actually didn’t get to watch the Grammy’s, but a lot more tv programs/shows are starting to do things like that. I’ve noticed even the nightly news poses a question and then reads what the viewers said on their Facebook/twitter. In relation to news programs, I don’t watch the news to see what someone thought about on the news stations Facebook account. I want to know about the news. I might tweet if I like something, but I would hope the shows wouldn’t read my comment on television.

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