Getting noticed!


I’ve been spending a lot of time lately going through blogs and articles on blogs after I enrolled for the class. Just Google Social Media with a combination of words like how to, marketing, business, reach, promoting etc.and you have a multitude of resources to help you increase traffic to your blog, how to make it more appealing, how to design content that strongly draws people, 10 tips to go viral online, 5 tips to make them like/follow your blog…your head could just explode with so many ideas, all those links to other great posts that advise on yet another great technique. google search- how to create popular blogs

I see one thing in common among all these articles, their advise seems so simple and doable. Commenting more on related popular blogs, keeping your own content interesting and relevant, applying the inverted pyramid style, i.e starting off the post with conclusion first to build interest et al. I was just wondering, just how much of it could you apply to individual blogging leaving business blogs aside? What are your chances of getting noticed amid the sea of blogs- good blogs, bad blogs, more blogs, popular blogs, not so popular but great content blogs, traffic that doesn’t turn into comments blogs?

After struggling with these thoughts for a while, I sum up my observations about creating interesting blogs:

  • You can’t use the same techniques of interesting opening line or inverted pyramid for every blog post. Then your style gets very predictable and boring. Our style of writing and the curtain raiser line should depend on the topic we pick and the scope within which we allow ourselves to discuss it.
  • Having a signature tone of voice in our writing helps the readers recognize us. Does it sound like a contradiction from the point above? Let me explain. We can work a different technique for each blog post but the linguistic, perceptional undertone that is unique to each one of us distinguishes us from the others.
  • We could be writing for a subject-specific, specialty blog. But we should be willing to experiment with ideas that are different than what we regularly blog about. Maybe sometimes it’s okay to deviate just a little bit and surprise the readers with a post of a different genre altogether.
  • I personally find simple, every day language blogs more endearing than posts written in a formal voice. Exception? Flippant, insulting language; now that’s a disrespect to your reader’s intelligence. Non-exception? Intellectually stimulating content. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to learn how to build a rocket in 5 simple steps using coke tins, party hats and BBQ fuel? Just kidding. Example: Ms.Brockmann’s tutorial on creating and designing a blog 🙂
  • As for images, my experience has been that posts with photos taken by blog authors of animate or inanimate subjects rather than online images are more lively and personalize the content.

I am no expert at blogging. Most of what I said above could be incorrect or amateurish but I thought it’d be good to share what I’ve noticed and see if ya’ll agree, disagree. Did you make some interesting observations while trying to be blog writers too?  Jump in folks, share your tips and add to the list so we all can learn from each other.


4 thoughts on “Getting noticed!

  1. You offer some great ideas for blogging. One that I especially like is to use personal photos instead of online stock photos. I agree with you on this point. I also agree with you that reading blogs written in everyday voice makes the blog more personal. Reading a blog that is too structured is overly formal. I do not have much experience reading blogs, but the ones I read are more person-to-person. If I want technical, I will read a text or manual! The only exception to that is that I am coming across blogs that look like websites and in that case, a more professional tone is important.

    • Right Susan. It’s about time I start paying attention to my own observation and add personal pics 😛 It’s true that professional blogs will have to employ a more formal tone since their target readers will be experts or people looking for information on that specific topic.

  2. Wow, incredible blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your web site is excellent, as well as the content!

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