Happy Thanksgiving!

This year, I am thankful for:
1.    My great husband, lovely kids, supportive family and wonderful friends.
2.    Our brand new car. We’d been searching and researching for that perfect one. It took almost as much time, resources, determination, abilities, hope and willingness to walk that extra mile that took us in finding each other, 11 and a half years ago. Continue reading

Driving Crazy

How my husband thinks I drive…
              safe drive
How I really drive…
Picture this: You just dropped your diamond ring in the toilet bowl at the port-a-potty at a general admission camp ground on a summer evening, put your hand in the toilet to retrieve it and notice that the ring is actually lying on the floor right next to the toilet. As you are getting your hand out, Continue reading

Welcome walk

 Hi,Welcome to my space. This blog is my take on all things that stick with me, an expression of many thoughts rushing out of my head in search of a channel. I’ve lived in the US for more than a decade now. All these years, I’ve made great friends, great memories, found some treasures, lost a few, learnt much, taught a little (hopefully), experienced amazement, disappointment, humility, oneness and most importantly, laughed a lot!

Reading has always been my strength, weakness, greatest pleasure and biggest escape. Books were all around me when I was growing up in India surrounded by extended family and friends; they came to my rescue when I first moved to the US and had no friends. My grandfather once advised me to  read 5 pages before I got to bed every night. Now it’s just 5 lines a night sometimes, but that still counts, right grandpa?

All these years, I’ve been trying to put down roots, meet more people, build a home and a sense of belongingness for my kids. I’ve seen that it’s an ongoing process that fills you up with joy when you hear bubbles of your child’s laughter and stops you in tracks when your child has a question about roots.

Comments, suggestions hearty welcome!